you’ve been taught
about branding.
Join our 7-Week Branding Accelerator to sharpen your business practices, focus on your story, build confidence, and give you the tools necessary to stand out and boost sales.
Does this sound like you?

You love what you do, but…

If you identify with any of these statements and are ready to take action, then our 7-week intensive is definitely for you!

Go from Days Like this…

Being stressed out from doing ALL the things ALL day long with minimal results. Tired of not knowing which way to go in your business. Confused from vague/blanketed advice. Overwhelmed from undercharging. Scared to define your audience for fear of “missing out.” Thinking that there’s no room for you.

To Having Days Like THIS…

Working on the RIGHT activities to generate income. Creating/streamlining simple products and services that SELL. Knowing exactly who your ideal customer is and talking directly to them. Realizing the importance of your story and knowing exactly how to share it. Having the confidence to charge premium prices for your product or service.

How? We’re
Glad You Asked!

Welcome to the Cheers Creative 7-Week Branding Accelerator. This is an interactive program designed to take your business from survival mode to thriving with our weekly live sessions and support.

We provide 1-on-1 strategy to our clients who are regularly featured in places like Forbes, New York Times, OWN Network, Entrepreneur Magazine, MTV, and Good Morning America. In the Cheers Creative 7-week Branding Accelerator, we share those same brand-building strategies with you.

Here’s What’s Inside of Our Accelerator:

Weekly live training and online support from Cheers Creative brand strategists for the duration of the 7-week program

Weekly challenges to help you implement the strategies we teach in every session, along with direct feedback from us

Student-only portal where you can download recorded trainings, resources, and more

Access to our private student-only Facebook group to post your progress

Here’s what you’ll learn EACH week.

Get access to the brand strategy frameworks that we teach in our weekly live trainings. Learn tricks of the trade as we highlight specific information designed to get your brand seen, heard, and most importantly, loved.

CEO Vision and Mindset: How to Replace Your Business (and Personal) Fears with FACTS

Knowing the “why” behind your business is powerful. It not only helps you stand out among others in your industry, but it can help you build trust with existing and potential clients. In this module, we will show you how to build your “why,” address business fears based on common myths, and replace those fears with facts about what is actually possible when you build with your “why.”

Brand Strategy You Can’t Find on the Internet: The Fundamentals of Branding that No One is Telling You

This goes beyond “Branding is what people say about you when you leave the room” or “Use yellow in your brand if you want people to feel happy” talk. This is the “Here’s how you break the branding rules to stand out in 2020’s crowded digital space” talk.

Your Story Matters: How to Use Storytelling as a Customer Magnet

Gone are the days when you can do business behind a curtain. But how do you tell your story and share your “why” without (1) feeling completely naked and vulnerable and (2) without feeling like you’re trying to get “pity purchases”? Create your storytelling plan that will build trust and build your online community.

Take a Stand: How to Use Your Brand Values to Drive Sales
Developing and showcasing your brand values isn’t just something that large companies should do. When you display your brand values, you can attract the clients and customers that are right for you. We’ll show you exactly how to craft your brand values AND how to integrate them throughout your business so that you can attract your ideal customers and brand partners like a magnet.
Business Name Magic: How to Name Your Company, Products, and Services for Industry Domination
Your business name can either sink you to the bottom or it can give you wings to lift you high above the noise in today’s digital space. Get the rules for creating a business name that uses the same formula as Nike, Google, Target, and more top brands.
Less is More: How to Re-map Your Products & Services for Maximum Profit
Having many unrefined products and services can dilute your brand and make you appear like a generalist. Also, not knowing how to offer them can slow down your business. We’re going to walk you through our formula on how to structure your products and services (or refine your existing ones) so that you don’t become a prisoner to a business that requires mass management of ineffective and bulky offers.

Your Hardest-Working Employee: How to Make Your Website Work for You

The sales clerk at major restaurant chains, offices, and department stores end up being the face of the entire company. In today’s world, your website is the “front sales clerk” of your brand. We’re going to show you how to make your website be your best online asset.


This is NOT a self-paced course that teaches you how to DIY your own logo or pick your own brand colors.

This is an interactive program that teaches you how to make all of those things mean something.

Branding doesn’t start with visuals. 

Color palettes never made a brand famous.

A logo alone will not take your business to new heights.

A website without strategy won’t take your business far. 

Our 7-Week Branding Accelerator is designed to help you take massive action towards these three foundations: brand strategy, systems, and storytelling.


Experience weekly group sessions with us, award-winning brand strategists Dana James Mwangi and Eso Tolson, in a completely online/virtual setting.


Hey! I’m Dana!

After designing in corporate America for Target, Suntrust, and more, I thought…

“What would happen if I gave business owners in my community the same information I’m using to build and maintain these brands?”

I started Cheers to do just that. It was time to highlight the amazingly dope creatives and business owners in my community.

Since founding Cheers, my work, story, and writings about design and entrepreneurship have been featured and referenced in Forbes, Essence, Canada Learning Code, Net Magazine, and more. I’ve seen what the power of storytelling has done for our clients and myself.

I’m ready to work with you in our accelerator!


I joined Cheers to continue the work of highlighting amazing entrepreneurs and organizations, and develop ways to expand how we help them at various levels.

After getting my BFA with an emphasis in Design Arts, I started in the industry as a freelance designer developing branding materials for local musicians and artistic organizations.

Over the past years, I’ve come to use creative strategy, branding, music, and experience design to produce content that unifies and engages community.

I can’t wait to share insight in this program to help you niche down, attract ideal customers, and help your business grow.

Got questions?
We’ve got answers.

Lessons will be taught live by us every week via a virtual webinar. Unlike self-paced courses where you’re left to figure out the material on your own, our sessions are designed to give you a “hands-on” experience and real-time feedback. We will send the weekly schedule and the link to join us in the webinars ahead of time.
Absolutely. At the end of each virtual session, we have allotted time for participants to ask questions related to the subject matter of each lesson.
We recommend that you commit to attending the live sessions once a week so that we can deliver super-specific feedback to your questions.
Yes. All sessions are recorded and available for viewing at any time in our student portal.
For best results, we recommend that you focus solely on one business during this program.

Not at all. This program is designed to help sharpen your business practices, focus on your story, build confidence, and give you the tools necessary to make you stand out and boost sales. Design will not be taking place.

Not at all. Creating brand visuals and graphics is not a part of this program.
Yes. There are weekly challenges related to the lessons. While we won’t be asking you to turn anything in, we will ask you to share your progress. The challenges are designed to help you implement the brand strategies we provide in the lessons.

Our 7-Week Branding Accelerator is Right for You if:

  • You have great knowledge and understanding of your particular field
  • You have been in business for at least a year
  • You are ready to streamline and expand your business
  • You are looking for guidance and open to receive feedback​
  • You are ready to focus on how to apply strategy and storytelling to your business

Our Accelerator is Not the Best Fit For You if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix for your business problems
  • You aren’t able to commit to the schedule or to the program work assigned each week
  • You aren’t willing to take direction or receive counsel
  • You are expecting to leave this program with a website and a logo


We will be accepting applications
in July 2020!

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