#Branding101: Tips You Can Use TODAY

“What is Branding?” It’s a broad question with a variety of answers.

You can ask a marketer, salesman, copywriter, publicist, and a photographer this question and get extremely different responses. Truth is, all of these service providers – including us here at Cheers Creative – help to fine tune certain aspects of your brand. We’re a piece of the bigger branding pie.

Today we’re sharing branding tips with you from a brand & web designer perspective. We’ve gathered all of our #Branding101 posts right here for you, full of actionable tips that you can practice today!

Have you ever seen a #PizzaHut, Domino’s, Papa John’s and a Little Caesars Pizza all on the same street within blocks of each other? These businesses can have locations next to each other and still thrive. Do they all serve pizza? Yes. But their target customers are different. Each of these restaurants craft their marketing strategies, branding, price points and menu items around their individual audiences. Take the time to become so familiar with who you serve that you know what they need before they need it. When you know who you’re serving and you design everything around that ideal customer, you are creating the space your business needs to stand out. #Branding101 #BrandDesign #WebDesign www.cheerscreative.com

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The best brands have the best stories. Your story is more than what you type on your #website’s “about” page or your brochure. You tell your story with your #logo, with the brand colors you choose, the posts on your #socialmedia pages, the paper you choose for your packaging, the team you hire, and more. The way customers interpret all of these elements ALSO become part of your brand story. A good story is what makes #Starbucks customers pass every gas station with “hot coffee” to wait in line for a Mocha Frappuccino. If you want to go from being “just another business” to being an irreplaceable necessity, craft a story that shows just how valuable you are. Start crafting your story today with our Brand Journal! Download it today for free at www.cheerscreative.com/brand-journal. #Branding101 #BrandIdentity #WebDesign www.cheerscreative.com

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Consumers connect and interact with personalities, not things. It doesn’t matter what you sell…EVERY single product and service can be infused with personality! Insurance companies are great examples of this. #Progressive Insurance uses their mascot Flo to project the personality of their brand and it works like a charm. Then there’s the #GEICO Gecko®. In commercials, both Flo and the Gecko are thrown into a variety on environments, displaying the strength of the companies they represent. Always remember, people don’t buy your “what.” They buy your “why.” 50% of buying decisions are driven by emotion. You can communicate emotion through color, audio, video, your #website and more. #Branding101 #BrandDesign #WebDesign www.cheerscreative.com

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American consumers make at least 70 decisions a day. Think about the times you’ve been in a sit-down restaurant and your waiter had to come back a few times because you hadn’t decided on a dish. For #smallbusinesses, too many choices for the consumer can slow down the sales process. “If I make more, I will sell more.” Have you ever had this thought? Instead of going that route, think of every product/service that you sell as an individual piece that needs its own story and marketing strategy. In the beginning stages of your business, it’s easier (and more profitable) to craft personable stories around a handful products and then expand form from there. #branding101 #brandisms www.cheerscreative.com

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