#Logos101: Tips You Can Use TODAY


Your logo is often the first piece of your brand that consumers see. It says a lot about what your business is and where it’s going.

We’ve gathered all of our #Logo101 posts right here for you, full of actionable tips that you can practice today!

It may initially appear that a logo’s primary purpose is to look nice. But most of the time, viewing a logo is a consumer’s first interaction with a company. A logo can draw people towards a brand or away from it. Is your logo sending the right message? Ask yourself these questions: ▪ Does your logo tell your audience that you’re fun, professional, established, organic or elegant? ▪ Is your logo designed for your audience, or is it designed for you? ▪ Do you have a custom well-designed logo that tells people you invest in quality, or does your logo tell people you take shortcuts? If you’re unsure about the answers to any of these questions, it may be time to partner with #branddesigners in making a design change full of intention. #Logos101 #LogoDesign #StayTuned www.cheerscreative.com

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A #tagline can reinforce the values of your business, but does not have to be an integral part of your logo. Taglines aren’t dead yet, but the way we used them 30 years ago is different than the way we use them now. Here are some things to remember: (1) Make sure your tagline has meaning. An unnecessary tagline could confuse consumers and hurt your business. (2) Do not expect a tagline to work immediately. Its meaning increases over time through a good brand reputation and consistent marketing. (3) Keep in mind where your logo will be viewed the most. With consumers viewing most content today on mobile devices, keeping the tagline to 2-4 words makes it short, powerful and more recognizable. (4) A tagline may not even be necessary for your brand, especially if your company name is self-explanatory. If you use a tagline, make sure it reflects your brand values. If your values have changed, then it may be time to re-visit your tagline (or consider dropping it completely). Our #BrandJournal can help you re-think your values! Download it today at www.cheerscreative.com/brand-journal. • #Logos101 #LogoDesign #BrandIDentity www.cheerscreative.com

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